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Received many feedbacks from customers saying that electric ball valve is a better replacement for solenoid valve.

This is one of it: 

And some more similar feedbacks:

works better than a solenoid,

works better than a solenoid, the orifice solenoid would plug up causing to fail open

Valve has only been in service for two weeks but it has been working very well. I love the soft close of the ball valve as opposed to the hard slam of a solenoid valve and the water hammer affect.

Quality ball valves.

Installed several of these and never had and issues after years of use. Much more reliable than solenoid valves.

Replaced my diaphram type spkinkler valves

The standard diaphragm solenoid valves used in sprinkler systems cause significant pressure drop and are also unreliable. A motorized ball valve has no pressure loss which means I can put more sprinklers in a zone.  This one makes an easy replacement because it returns to closed when power is removed, like a solenoid valve, and unlike most motorized valves and it can take a wide range of voltages, ac or dc, making it an easy drop-in replacement.



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